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Reporters Transcription Center has significant experience in transcribing a wide variety of report types in customized formats. RTC will design and implement templates for various work types based on your specifications.


Our extensive experience in multi-specialty dictation and transcription enables RTC to produce accurate, well-formatted documents that are ready to be inserted into a paper or electronic chart.

Handheld recorder dictationDigital Dictation encompasses a wide variety of devices and products. From telephonic dictation servers to portable digital devices, Sten-Tel offers an array of voice capture systems and solutions. devices for standalone transcription processing or integration with Sten-Tels ASP, including PDAs, Pocket PC, Tablet PCs, portable digital recorders, and turnkey multi-channel digital dictation.


Electronic document delivery via secure Internet connection can be scheduled or on demand.  You control how you want your documents delivered zipped batch download via web page log in, individual file delivery via an easy to use download utility or as e-mail attachments.  Additionally, auto-print of downloaded documents is available.

Workflow management tools are available at your fingertips via your secure Internet web page.  You can track the status of all your dictation and documents as they go through the production process.  Duplicate copies of any document are always available for re-download.    Billing information can be verified for each document.  


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