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Safety/Security/Privacy Protections

RTC is committed to ensuring that its services, systems and operations can be integrated into a user environment that will support ongoing compliance with the electronic transactions, security, and privacy standards as currently promulgated by Federal rules and regulations.  Some of the safety, security and privacy protections currently in operation include:


Authentication - Authentication is ensured through the use of passwords and unique identifiers to establish user identity throughout the dictation and job management system.


Authorization - System-use authorization is based on client-defined, user-and role-based access rights. Data, program, system, and network integrity play a role in ensuring that information is changed only in a specified and authorized manner automatically allowed and verified.


Audit trail - A complete record (Log) of the date, time and identity of persons accessing the job server is maintained and made available at all times. This log is available by individual jobs as well as in a report format for audit trail compliance requirements.


System security - Monitoring of activities occurring in the job server system prevent and/or detect any breach. Attempted unauthorized access at any point of the process triggers alarms and ensures security integrity.  Furthermore, all file transfer is protected by the use of https secure Internet transfer protocols, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, 128-bit encryption and authenticated certificates.


Disaster/prevention recovery - The data center complies with industry standards and ensures detailed disaster prevention/recovery procedures to manage and minimize damage or disruption, and ensures stability in case of a disaster. Backup systems operate 24 hours per day with no data loss or interruption in service in the event of system failure.


Data storage - Secure physical storage of all data and secure transmission includes constant surveillance by network experts, premises protected by secure locations, backup generators, and securely encrypted transmission between job servers and users.


Confidentiality - All employees receive training in confidentiality expectations and sign an agreement pledging to protect all patient-related information.  Requirements for management of workstation protections are included in the confidentiality training.








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